At Fire It Up! we always have our focus on finding new ways to make motorcycling affordable and adding value to the industry. Up until now we’ve managed to be the first in the industry to consistently offer value such as:

  1. Free Tank of Fuel.
  2. Free 2 year / lifetime Integrity Mechanical Protection Promise.*
  3. Free Quality Helmet.
  4. Uber Collection.

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As a retailer of motorcycles and talking to customers daily, I have realised that the desire to own a motorcycle is as strong as it’s ever been in South Africa and it’s up to motorcycle dealers and retailers to find new ways to make motorcycling affordable without sacrificing service or quality levels. After listening to our customers we have revised our Integrity Pack again to bring value with the aim of making motorcycling more affordable. I am encouraged to see fellow bike dealers now starting to offer similar offerings as it adds value to the industry as a whole. From the 1st of November after working closely with our suppliers and squeezing our margins we will be offering the following on our Pre-Owned Motorcycles, instead of the free helmet we offer the following:

  1. 2 year / lifetime Integrity Mechanical Protection Promise.*
  2. 4 Year Service Plan.*
  3. Guaranteed Accident-Free.
  4. Full Tank Fuel.
  5. 7 Day Exchange.
  6. Up to 80% Guaranteed Buy-Back.
  7. Free Wash+Go on Sundays.
  8. No Mandatory Costs.

*Subject to Integrity Service.

Terms and Conditions? Yes they apply, all we ask is that you service and maintain your bike at Fire It Up! Instead of the 2 year/ lifetime Integrity Mechanical Protection Promise* being a complicated offering it’s really an extension of our Integrity Warranty offered to you free of charge.
The Integrity Pack is based on Integrity which means we’ll never promise more than we can deliver.

Purchasing a motorcycle is a large investment. As South Africa’s leading pre-owned motorcycle dealer, we are committed to offering you peace of mind that you are purchasing the correct motorcycle from a trustworthy and transparent company who you can count on when you need us most. Fire It Up! have pledged to always act with absolute integrity, especially when you’re not looking. The Fire It Up! INTEGRITY PACK is our pledge and promise to offer the following: