Cyber Fraud- Easy Money?

As our country opens its borders to other countries so has the level of sophisticated crime increased, some of which we have never really witnessed before.

Motorcycling, it’s therapeutic and life changing

Recently, when chatting to a customer who is a phycologist, we were discussing how therapeutic motorcycling is and how motorcycling can be introduced as a form of therapy to help everyday sufferers with stress and depression.

Private Finance

Depending on which bank you speak to arranging finance for a private purchase can be a really difficult process.

What’s next for Ducati?

It’s no secret that I really love the Ducati brand and find the motorcycles beautifully crafted. I love buying, riding and selling them.

Does low mileage affect motorcycle value?

In these articles I have debated, the affect that high mileage has on the value of a motorcycle.

Cash is king

While many customers believe that offering cash for a motorcycle instead of financing it will place you in a better position to negotiate a deal.

Know your rights (Customers and Dealers)

In my weekly blogs we’ve spent considerable time focusing on the what to look out for when buying privately as you as you have little or no recourse should something go wrong.

Check those banking details!

Every week as I write these blogs, somewhere there are a bunch of well-educated fraudsters using their skills to find a new way to defraud you of your hard-earned money.

Something wrong with the motorcycle industry?

I was watching a popular car show on TV recently and I noticed that the presenters always seem to mention a ‘poster vehicle’ and discussed a particular vehicle.

Facebook Fake?

With over 14 million South African’s using Facebook monthly to keep in touch with friends and loved ones it has also become the leading platform to share information.

Selling a Motorcycle from a deceased estate

We recently had a ‘Bike on Show’ (Our unique consignment facility) and when trying to contact the seller to conclude the transaction we learnt that the customer had unfortunately passed away.

Is your motorcycle correctly insured?

After the Tuesday Tip on Mechanical Warranties there was much discussion amongst customers in our store sharing experiences both good and bad on mechanical warranties.

Worrying Trend? or the New SA?

After numerous articles on how to sell your motorcycle I have warned of the dangers of selling privately and highlighted the benefits.

Does Mileage Count?

Well yes, mileage is probably one of the main contributing factors used to establishing a motorcycle’s value, as it’s an indication of the wear and tear of the motorcycle.

Riding Gear

When it comes to protective safety gear on a motorcycle I have witnessed enough evidence to support the fact that wearing full protective gear when riding your motorcycle

Avoiding a motorcycle repossession

We’ve all had up and downs in our lives that has affected us financially and sometimes to the point where your motorcycle falls behind in payments and before you know it, there is a repossession notice.

Buying On Auction

The very word ‘Auction‘ gets buyers excited about a possible bargain to be had.

Selling Your Bike

Last week we chatted about establishing a value for your motorcycle and what it may be worth in the current market.

What’s Your Bike Worth

Your motorcycle is worth what the market will pay for it at any given moment, that is what it is worth.

What Bike Should You Buy?

It is wise however to follow a few simple guidelines. I have always said it matters more where you buy than what you buy…make sense?