Cyber Fraud- Easy Money?

As our country opens its borders to other countries so has the level of sophisticated crime increased, some of which we have never really witnessed before. An example of a new trend is one that terrifies any parent and that is the kidnapping of their young children. Whilst at the SA Bike Festival last weekend I was chatting to a senior person involved in social media / online advertising and she mentioned that the fraud statistics were up by 40% when compared to this time last year. Scary. By the time these guys strike they know more about you than you realise by monitoring your activity on social medial platforms and are anticipating your every move. Think about it, you share where you are on Instagram, your friends on Facebook etc. All they need is bait to get you interested, like a bike at a tempting price…

Have a look at the attached image where a fraudster has taken a photo of my store, used this as his profile picture to advertise a Yamaha for just R19000.00. At first glance your reaction probably, echo’s mine but the truth is innocent people are getting caught or are at least tempted to call. Once you call these ‘professionals’ are very skilled at convincing you the scam is real and to part with your money and don’t forget they now have your details.

The truth is that although we believe “If it’s too good to be true it is” or “Scammers won’t get me” the reality is very different. These fraudsters are professionals and are managing to defraud average South African’s daily. If fraudsters or scammers were unable to “catch” us the growth would not be so substantial. Have you ever been caught? Large organisations are getting caught daily right down to the motorcyclist who has saved up for his dream bike.