Does Mileage Count?

Well yes, mileage is probably one of the main contributing factors used to establishing a motorcycle’s value, as it’s an indication of the wear and tear of the motorcycle. Mileage can affect each motorcycle differently, as an example exotics/exclusive brands with high mileage are more affected than Japanese brands for example. It is important to note that exotic/exclusive brands are not less reliable or capable of less mileage it’s a market perception and not necessarily the perception of a dealer or retailer. A motorcycle with high mileage will never attract a similar retail price as one with lower mileage UNLESS it has something in its favour such as condition. Another example would be that a newer motorcycle with higher mileage would attract a lower value when compared to average values than an older motorcycle with higher mileage when compared to average values.

Take the following motorcycle as an example, a 2003 Yamaha R1 with 65 000km’s. It has done numerous track days, been used as a commuter for a couple of years and as a weekend bike, it’s 15 years old! Normally you get a picture of in your head of what a bike like this looks like and most of you might consider the bike to be too old or too worn or with mileage too high for a superbike? Now look at the picture above, which is the motorcycle described. The difference is that, although the owner has used the motorcycle for what it is was intended (track days, breakfast runs and some commuting) the owner has taken the time to really care for his motorcycle by performing all the required maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer and cleaned/polished his motorcycle regularly with the recommended products. The customer also undertook preventative maintenance, instead of waiting for a component to fail this has kept his motorcycle in the condition that it is.

The Tuesday Tip today is to show that a superbike is capable of 65 000km’s with ease despite being 15 years old, while being used for what it was intended and still performing like a new bike. Don’t forget that a 2003 Yamaha R1 with 65 000km’s that has not been cared for with the same attention to detail or maintenance would not run as well or look as good and would be worth R15 000.00 to R20 000.00 less!

Look after and maintain your bike, the effort you put into it will not only keep your ride reliable and the envy of your mates but will look after your pocket when you want to sell or trade!